Institutional Remediation

Safe. Efficient. Effective. Discretionary.

In addition to residential, commercial and industrial remediation, we also serve institutions like schools and hospitals. It is not uncommon for these facilities to contain hazardous materials, and especially in hospitals, many biohazards exist to which proper handling and disposal are crucial.

Should you suspect your institutional facility to contain asbestos, heavy metals, or any other harmful materials contact Remediclean for sampling and analysis immediately. We work diligently to decontaminate and dispose of all harmful materials and hazardous waste to ensure the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

Our team has years of experience, expertise, and
knowledge to safely and efficiently eliminate hazards following the processes and protocols that are so important, especially in institutional facilities. With top equipment and a team that’s dedicated to professionalism, choose Remediclean for your collection, testing and analysis, decontamination and removal, clean-up and disposal needs.