What are hydrocarbons, and where are they found?

Hydrocarbons are common in modern society, and can present an array of health hazards.

Hydrocarbon contamination may be present in air, soil, and freshwater in the form of spillage. When hydrocarbons becoming airborne it can result in unintentional inhalation and serious health issues. Environmental contaminations by chemical hydrocarbons may be caused by gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, oils, lubricants, glue, paint, aerosols, and solvents like dry cleaning solutions, spot removers, degreasers, paint thinner.

How harmful are hydrocarbons, and how are they safely removed?

Hydrocarbons are toxic and mutagenic with health effects varying from skin irritation to the potential development of cancer.

Remediclean professionals will test to confirm the presence and severity of hydrocarbons. This process also helps us to determine the type of remediation necessary to resolve the problem. We use the best equipment and environmental contractors to ensure safe, effective, and efficient decontamination so that you can live happy and healthy, hydrocarbon-free.

Your go-to for hazardous hydrocarbon removal, Remediclean’s services include collection, testing, analysis, containment and remediation, decontamination  and removal, clean-up, and disposal. In extreme cases where your environment is too compromised or damaged we also offer demolition, renovation, and restoration.