Industrial Restoration & Remediation

Remediation, restoration, demolition, decontamination, abatement… Whatever your specific needs, Remediclean’s professional environmental contractors are experienced with eliminating health hazards in industrial facilities in accordance with Canadian standards and policies.

If you have a manufacturing warehouse, storage facility, data center, brewery, or other industrial space, you can trust minimize the inconveniences associated with the clean-up and disposal of chemical, biological, and physical hazards.

Our staff work collaboratively with each industrial client to ensure that the areas hazard is properly identified, isolated, and contained to mitigate health risks and quickly get your building back up to code.

Whether your property has been physically damaged, or as an older business the building contains hazardous materials such as asbestos, our teams use top equipment and proven processes to test, analyze, decontaminate, remove, and safely dispose of these hazards. With years of experience and expertise to safely and efficiently eliminate hazards, allow Remediclean to ensure a healthy environments for you and your teams.