Residential Restoration & Remediation

Remediclean is proud to offer residential remediation and abatement services in Calgary, Lethbridge, and the surrounding areas in Southern Alberta.

We’re experts with chemical hazards like asbestos, lead, mercury, and PCB’s to biological hazards like mold, or physical hazards like silica or sewage. Our professionals use top equipment and set industry-leading safety standards to create healthy environments for Canadians to live and work.

Whether you have a condemned home, walls filled with asbestos, a grow-op clean-up, or issues with sewage or soil, Remediclean uses years of experience and expertise to safely and efficiently eliminate hazards.

Our residential remediation services include collection, testing and analysis, containment and remediation, decontamination and removal, clean-up and disposal, and most common in residential applications, demolition, renovation, and restoration.