Commercial Restoration & Remediation

Workplace safety is something to take seriously. Remediclean efficiently and effectively removes hazardous substances to ensure a safe and healthy environment for Canadians to live and work. From chemical hazards like asbestos to, lead, mercury, and PCB’s, we also handle biological hazards like mold, and can restore or demolish condemned building.

Our professionals use top equipment and set
industry-leading safety standards across all services including collection, testing and analysis, decontamination and removal, clean-up and disposal, and most common in commercial applications, containment, remediation and in extreme cases, demolition, renovation, and restoration.

Whether your business is experiencing a sewer problem, or you’re building is old and has floors filled with asbestos or another biological or chemical hazardous materials, we will work diligently to remedy your commercial space and ensure your business is safe for both employees and customers.