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Discover specialized content cleaning services in Calgary, safeguarding your personal treasures from damage. Our team understands the significance of your possessions, from clothing to electronics, offering tailored solutions for comprehensive content restoration.

Elevate the care for your possessions in Calgary. Click below for immediate assistance or call us to benefit from Remediclean’s specialized content cleaning services.

Comprehensive Content Restoration

In the realm of property damage, your possessions go beyond mere belongings; they’re an integral part of your life. Anything not structurally embedded, including clothing, furniture, kitchenware, tools, sporting equipment, and electronics, falls under the category of contents.

These items often form the bulk of property damage claims, emphasizing their importance in the restoration process.

Understanding that these possessions are personal treasures, Remediclean steps in with a commitment to preserving what matters most to you.

Our technicians, experts in content restoration, determine which items can be salvaged. Trust our team to meticulously categorize, inventory, pack, clean, and return your salvageable contents.

This comprehensive approach not only saves you from the expense of replacements but also eliminates the need for trips to the landfill, ensuring a sustainable and thoughtful content restoration process in Calgary.

Elevate the care for your possessions. Click below for immediate assistance or call us now to benefit from Remediclean’s specialized content cleaning services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your Calgary property.


Specialized in treating soft items, our innovative Cleaning System breathes new life into clothing, toys for children, linens, curtains, luggage, sports gear, and camping equipment. It stands out by eliminating pollutants, eradicating bacteria, and preserving the integrity of color and durability, all while enhancing brightness. Results from independent lab tests reveal a remarkable efficiency: our Soft Content Cleaning Systems rejuvenate over 90% of treated goods, far surpassing the less than 40% recovery rate of traditional dry cleaning.

Remediclean are restoration professionals, equipped with the cutting-edge Esporta iS Series Washing System. We have the capability to cleanse a wider array of articles more thoroughly than conventional restoration dry cleaners can. The Esporta technology boasts an impressive success rate, cleaning over 98% of all soft goods damaged. This includes an extensive list of items from household clothing, bedding, and linens to stuffed toys, footwear, headwear, accessories like belts and purses, and a variety of leather and fur products. Not stopping there, the system also expertly handles an entire spectrum of sporting equipment—helmets, pads, rollerblades, skates, ski boots—and even ceramic dolls, all cleaned safely and effectively.

Protected by patents, the Esporta Wash System is verified to efficiently purify soft contents tarnished by soot, sewage, water damage, and biological contaminants.


Our ultrasonic technology meticulously cleans hard goods, including dishes, kitchen gadgets, lighting, vacuum cleaners, and hand tools. Our skilled technicians are proficient in identifying recoverable items, using the machinery, and ensuring your possessions are restored with care. Remediclean leverages specialized equipment for hard content cleaning, effectively returning your belongings to their original state, contaminant-free, in an economical and eco-conscious way.

For electronics like computers and televisions, we employ advanced cleaning systems. Utilizing de-ionized water and specific cleaning agents, we safeguard the integrity of your devices. Contaminants and odors are eliminated through the Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning system, ensuring your electronics are restored to their optimal condition.